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Why do you need to promote your business on Social Media?

We at Purple Ink PH are lucky to have been there even before all these new technology got here.  I remember, I was just starting my first job at MediaMix, Inc.,  a PR &  Advertising agency at that village near Colegio de Sta. Rosa.  That was around June 1993, and I was a PR Assistant and Copy Writer.  And we had a lot of technology clients, and the ads we were layouting then were all about which computer was better in terms of technology, which one was faster.  Those were the days when I was still using Wordstar to write my press releases.

Later on, I was already part of the Ad & Promo Team (that’s what they used to call the Marketing Team) of the Robinsons Malls.  There were no large printers yet and we had to do the mall’s poster, yes on a Mac, there was already a Mac then, but when we printed it out, it had to be tiled so it can be printed out on our office printers, paste them together to create an 18 x 24 inch poster and then we would color it with poster color one by one.  I guess there were no colored inks then.

Well, all that is history now, technology has come a long way.  Before advertisers or brands would have to rely on the circulation of a magazine or a national newspaper and it’s readership for the number of people they would reach for let’s sa a Mallwide Midnight Sale, which we then started, or a concert with the New Minstrels or the APO Hiking Society.  And my do they cost a hefty sum, apart from that the AD Agency that we usually hire to create all these layouts for us.

Social Media is here to stay, or maybe we can say social media is here for now and let’s enjoy it while it doesn’t bore holes in our marketing budgets like the way advertising on print does.

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