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Troubleshooting your business and why we end up doing it

For a regular person, a regular citizen in this country it is undoubtedly very hard to open up a business.  For some it is the end all and be all of their career – wanting a business, a source of livelihood that they can call their own and not rely on bosses or a company where they work and get their salary.

For those tho who have worked their way up, and able to put away enough funds to take on the new journey of an Entrepreneur, well, that is truly a different ballgame.  But you know the secret is – go for your dream, but at the same time give it enough time for you to think ALL OF IT THROUGH.  Give yourself several scenarios that you will be facing along the way.  Because when you put up your own, hopefully there is no more turning back.  No more hopefully going back and looking for employment.

What we are saying here is that, sometimes or most of the time, we get to be called on a meeting where the business-owner who is already on his 3rd or 4th MONTH running his business, discovers that he or she has not full-proofed it or maybe has not started with the right formulas for that matter and is now sinking and loosing revenue and is now asking for MAJOR RECOVERY PROGRAM that can be HELPED WITH THE MAGIC OF MARKETING.

Yes we are called in to TROUBLESHOOT.  But there should not have been any troubleshooting in the first place if only there was enough PRE-PLANNING.

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